PIETER PETROS x Celebrities


When you wear a personalised PIETER PETROS Outfit, exclusively designed for you, you feel as Royalty.

World's Most Exclusive.

Celebrities Attire

One of a Kind

The Most Exclusive Fabrics & Materials are curated to design each PIETER PETROS Outfit.

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Personalised Silk Fabric 

To create the blazer for AKON, we have designed and handcrafted a brand new 100% silk fabric, customised with AKON's logo's in silver colour all around the blazer.

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100% Satisfaction

We commit to the Highest level of Uniqueness & Exclusivity. We always make sure our Clients are 100% satisfied with their Most Exclusive Outfit, created for their unique beauty and personality.

Matching Shoes

To design the AKON shoes, we sourced the most exclusive 100% silk fabric, on which we embroidered the AKON logo in silver colour.

All our Shoes are Handcrafted in Italy.

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Who's Next?

We are excited to tell you we are already working on the next Most Exclusive design for a Super Celebrity.

Can you guess who? :)

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